Public Transit and City Card Applications

   Our software for local governments are designed to fullfill the needs of the local government. The existing data warehouse of the local government can be used while personalization of the smart cards, public transit cards, free circulation cards, personnel cards to be carried by all staff and citizens and to be used in system is done using special printing hardware and software.


  The delivery control system that includes the control mechanisms for delivery process, also makes possible special right definitions as scholarship in the meantime definition of card types, adjustment of access rights, and the definition of different clearance and purse types.


  Control software of the cards used in public transit system for money loading and return operations, in the direction of e-purse function, to be able to be used in water, electricity and gas systems, public libraries, can report all money loading and spending operations according to different groups and different time periods. Furthermore, our access control, parking control, attendancy control software are used as complementary to the system.